June 26, 2015.

It’s been three years since the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples had a legal right to marry in the United States.

On that day, like every year, I was doing my very best to wish my husband a happy birthday while he was spending the first year away from his twin.

When I heard the news about this historic advancement of human rights, I was a little surprised. I wish I could say that I had faith that this country would see past its bigotry and hatred to let love win, but I never thought it would happen.

Now, three years later, what has changed? Well, same-sex couples have the right to marry now, but individuals and businesses in this country still don’t see them as equal. They’re still being turned away for services and this week, the Supreme Court chose not to hear a case that could stop that.

I’m a firm believer that there usually are two sides to most stories. Only when the side of the story is rooted in bigotry will I refuse to acknowledge it. So you’re probably going to say, well then this story only has one side. And normally, I would agree. I actually, fundamentally, do agree that these people who are turning folks away are just bigots and their stories don’t deserve to get told. I believe that.

But, let’s look at legal practices with regard to private-owned businesses for a bit, shall we?

Any private business has the right to refuse services regardless of reason. That’s something that is important in this country not because businesses need to be allowed to be intolerant, but because it’s important that the government doesn’t interfere in the business of small business. That is what the fundamentals of capitalism are designed around. A free and independent market.

Now, we can debate the pros and cons of capitalism until we are spent, but that’s not the point. Our country’s economy is founded on these principles, so the meddling of the government in the business of small businesses isn’t something that should happen.

On the other side, it makes me sick that these individuals and businesses are so filled with hate that they turn away customers based on their sexuality. This isn’t any different than businesses in the 50s and 60s turning away customers based solely on their skin color.

So what?

who cares?

Well, on this very amazing and historic #PRIDE day, I implore you to have empathy for your fellow human. I ask you now and forever to care about the injustices of this world and to be intolerant of intolerance.

That’s all. I’ve said my piece. Happy #PRIDE Month, and Happy #PRIDE Day!

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